How to fix Gerbera Daisy bent necks


Gerbera Daisy Techniques

Don’t you hate it when you order gerbera daisies, and they have to that unique color, and then you get them in, and their necks are already bent. What do you do?

There are many techniques out there, some work well most of the time, some don't work well at all. Which one have you tried and what was the outcome. What technique have you tried that is not listed here?

Method One:

Remove them from the gerbera daisy holder one at a time, gently, (I have lost a few just pulling them out). Recut the stem about a 1/2 or more depending on how long the stems are and what you are going to use them in. Then place them in a grid (some use the old fashion chicken wire and a 5-gallon bucket), so the heads are resting on the grid looking to the sky, and deep enough they are not standing on the bottom of the bucket making sure the stems are soaking in the floral solution.

Method Two:

After removing them from the holder, wire each stem, careful not poking the wire all the way through the center, nothing looks less professional than have the wire sticking through the middle of a bloom like a pin cushion. Then cutting the stem at least 1/2." and placing them in a vase with the solution.

Method Three:

Of course, we have to remove them from the holder. Taking each stem and sliding a Gerbera daisy straw onto the stem and extending it all the way to the bloom. As with the other methods, trim about a 1/2" off the end and place it into a vase.

What method works for you?

Have you tried these techniques and what were the results, do you have other methods? Let us know what technique you use.