How to extend your floral bouquet


The floral arrangements always look so beautiful when they first get delivered and after a few days, they lose the spark. What can you do?

  • One of the first things to do is to keep the water level to the top. Sometimes when floral designers are designing your beautiful arrangement, they have to use blooms that have shorter stems and thus don’t reach far down into the vase, and when the water lowers, they are the first to out of the water.
  • Every couple of days you should empty the water, and fresh water should flow into the container, rising out all the old water and any decaying leaves. Then a new mixture of the floral solution should be made and filled to the top.
  • Keeping the arrangement out of the sunlight, and way from any heating and cooling vents will help keep it looking its best.
  • A great design has movement and blooms at different stages of their lives and with this in mind, just remove the spent flowers to allow the other blooms to open fully and show their splendor.
  • Some bouquets are made using the floral foam; it is used to keep the flowers, greenery, and decorations in place. The arrangements need special care. The foam should always stay moist, refilling the water every couple of days should be sufficient.
  • Misting the flowers with plain water helps the blooms keep hydrated. Some flowers like the hydrangea would benefit from a daily misting. Be sure to mist 8”-10” away from the blooms, you do not want water dripping off of them as it can damage the flowers.