What to expect when meeting your floral consultant for the first time



As a new bride to be you have many questions and we are here to help at least answer some of the floral ones. It can be a bit daunting being a bride to be. What to wear, where to have the ceremony, and whom to invite so say a few. One area that tends to be on the last of the list is the FLOWERS.

Many feel overwhelmed and didn't know where to begin; others feel they are not that complicated and choose them at the last moment.

Fear not, we are here to help.

To begin, breath. Sometimes we forget to breathe. Now we can begin. When you first meet your floral consultant, both of you will feel nervous. You the bride because of all what's going on and the floral specialist because they want to make sure you get the wedding you deserve.

For your appointment bring your ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Bring samples of other bridal bouquets you like, color swatches, Pinterest post, anything that will hep you express to your floral advisor what your fantasy wedding is. I state fantasy because, that sets the stage for what feel, look of the wedding will be. Beginning with a budget limits the conversation. What you want to do is to start off with what your fantasy wedding is. From there the floral designer can understand what the look and feel you are wanting, then a budget can be discussed. Many brides-to-be underestimate a flower budget and get disappointed when the designer states it would be difficult to get the specified flowers for that amount. However, a great designer can provide alternatives and can help you create that fantasy wedding you been dreaming for since you were a little girl.

Other items to think about:

1. Is anyone in your party allergic to a type of flower? (Like a Stargazer Lilly, its strong fragrance can be overwhelming to many). Discussing what if any flowers your party may be allergic to lets the designer know what not to use for the wedding flowers.

2. The bridal bouquet is the showstopper and should make everyone envious. Do you want it round and symmetrical or free forming or linear and straight or long and flowing?

3. Will the bridesmaid's bouquets be a smaller version of the bridal bouquet, or will it just have the colors and the feel?

4. When choosing a corsage, will it be a pin-on or a wrist corsage or some of each? (Many of the older generation lean toward the pin-on, and the younger generation the wrist). A new trend to also consider is the Posey or a small hand-held bouquet.

5. With boutonnieres, the Groom’s tends to be a bit fancier, what I have done is taken some flowers out of the bridal bouquet and added to the groom’s boutonniere, making it extra special.